Commercial Insurance Coverage

Commercial automobile, truck or fleet insurance is specially designed coverage tailored to the specific needs of the business transportation community. From the one-vehicle business to the 100-vehicle long haul trucking fleet, The McCall Agency has the experience and insurance carriers to meet your needs.

Workers Compensation is State mandated protection that provides benefits to employees for any injury or contracted disease and the resulting loss of work arising out of and in the course of employment. In many businesses, the costs associated with Workers Compensation can be critical to the success and profitability of the company. Working to achieve low experience modifiers, controlling claims and finding the most competitive programs available are essential to maintaining your competitive edge in the business environment. Call us today and find out how you might save money on your Workers Compensation coverage.

General Liability coverage is a category of insurance which includes most of a business' liability exposures, including premises and operations, products and completed operations, contractual liability and contingent liability. General Liability insurance is the foundation upon which all liability coverages are built. It embraces business liability hazards other than those dealt with by more specialized forms of coverage, such as automobile, aviation, marine, professional and workers compensation. Every business, regardless of size, needs to be certain this fundamental and critically important coverage is adequate for its needs. At The McCall Agency, we represent dozens of General Liability carriers, each with unique strengths.

Umbrella insurance is a form of liability coverage that protects policyholders against claims in excess of the limits of the primary liability policies associated with their automobiles, homes, boats and other properties. The chances for large personal financial loss are focused primarily in the area of liability: property damage or bodily injury for which you are found legally responsible. Most auto, homeowners and boat policies provide limited protection in this area and are often inadequate to cover the judgments awarded by today's courts in the case of serious injury.

Crime and Fidelity insurance protects an employer against acts of employee dishonesty such as theft or embezzlement. Workplace criminal schemes can last for years and cost an organization dearly. Our crime and financial fidelity insurance products cover a wide range of exposures, including employee dishonesty, forgery, theft, destruction and disappearance of property, and even cyber crime.

Directors & Officers insurance provides protection and legal defense for Directors, Officers and certain other individuals associated with an organization that may be found legally liable for damages resulting from work related actions. Though most often used for publicly held companies and non-profit boards of directors, this coverage can also be important for many private firms. In fact, Directors & Officers coverage deserves careful consideration by every private or public board of directors in America. Serving on a board should be a responsibility, an honor and a privilege, not an exposure to personal financial loss. If you currently serve on a board of directors, contact The McCall Agency, Inc. for a thorough assessment of your potential risks and appropriate coverages.

Excess and surplus lines insurance is a segment of the insurance market that allows consumers to buy property and casualty insurance through the state regulated insurance market, where policyholders, agents, brokers and insurance companies all have the ability to design specific insurance coverages and negotiate pricing based on the risks to be secured.

The E&S originated when those who needed insurance coverage were unable to secure it from the standard carriers (or admitted carriers) due to a variety of reasons (e.g., new entity or one that does not have a adequate loss history; one that has unique coverage requirements; or a loss record that does not fit the underwriting requirements of a standard carrier). The E&S industry is comprised of a variety of insurance companies writing what is referred to as "main street" business. The general contractor, trucking company, restaurant, bar or hotel, entities with environmental, professional liability and employment related risks and other unique exposures, are the staples of the business.

Call The McCall Agency, Inc. today for a thorough assessment of your potential risks and appropriate commercial and business coverages.

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